Toe Nail Fungus Treatments

An estimated 27 million people in the U.S. are infected with unsightly toenail fungus. This persistent condition can create toenail swelling, cracking, discoloring, and even detachment of nails. If your toenails have turned thick and yellow, it's possible you could have this infection as well.

Athletes are often infected - the fungus can be picked up in damp areas such as gyms, public pools, or shower stalls. Wearing tight-fitting shoes or socks can put you at higher risk as well. The infection is often spread among family members or from one toe to another. Drying off the feet after bathing or exercise is important in combating toenail fungus.

The incidence of toenail fungus infection increases with age. Around half of all Americans are affected by the condition by the age of 70.


Laser Toe Nail Fungus Treatment

Toenail fungus is difficult to treat and up till now, doctors had to resort to oral medications or ointments to battle it. Oral medications present a risk to the patient and take several weeks to work. Some can even potentially damage the liver. And topical medicines have been relatively unsuccessful in battling the infection.

Dr. Glubo has investigated a new and promising therapy that is a safer alternative for toenail fungus removal. Laser toenail fungus treatments target just the pathogens involved in nail infections, not the healthy tissue. A specialized medical laser is used to treat the toenail without systemic side effect or discomfort. Patients are treated quickly and effectively.

Laser toe fungus treatments allow the nail to regrow as healthy, clear nails. As no damage is done to surrounding skin, the toe and adjacent skin are unaffected. Because laser toenail fungus removal uses distinct wavelengths to kill the infection and not heat, the treatment is gentle.

Dr. Glubo currently offers Pinpointe laser toenail fungus treatment - a safe and effective therapy. He continually stays abreast of new toenail fungus removal treatments, some of which should be approved by the FDA soon.

If you are afflicted with this infection or if you would like Dr. Glubo to evaluate a suspicious toenail, call our staff to set up an appointment. You will always receive caring and compassionate care by his entire staff. Laser toenail fungus treatment can help you restore clear, healthy nails quickly and safely.

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