How To Know If It’s Time To Go!


Have you ever wondered what might be a good reason to see a podiatrist? Or maybe you find yourself asking what the most common issues are that have people scheduling themselves to see their podiatrist as soon as possible. The answer is different for everyone, but despite our differences, there are undeniable similarities and commonalities found in the podiatric world when looking at the reason why someone finally decides to see a podiatrist.

If you’re unsure, don’t worry -- you’re not alone! It can be difficult to decipher what a “good” reason to come in might be. Here is a helpful tip… any reason is a good reason! If your feet are bothering you in any way, shape, or form, it’s a good time to see a podiatrist. To get the decision-making juices flowing, here are some of the more common reasons why people schedule their appointments to see a trusted podiatrist.

  1. One of the most common reasons people wind up coming in to see a podiatrist is due to a bunion developing on their big toe. Bunions are painful, bony growths on the side of the big-toe joint that push your toe inward towards your other toes. They’re sometimes hereditary but mostly happen due to ill fitted shoes that restrict the toes too much.
  2. Second most common are blisters! Blisters can be tough to get rid of and are extremely uncomfortable. It is highly advised to never pick or open a blister on your own -- this can lead to infection! For those who get chronic blisters, a trip to the podiatrists is necessary to find the source of the problem.
  3. Third most common are corns and calluses -- these are spots of hardened skin that can develop due to tight fitting shoes, as well as other reasons. While corns and calluses are mostly aesthetic issues, sometimes they can cause the patient discomfort. These can be treated at home, but like any medical issue, it’s best handled by a professional.

What if you’re not experiencing any of these three common issues? Maybe you’re foot related discomfort is more of an aching in your ankle, or sharp pain in the arch of your foot -- no matter the reason, any pain, discomfort, or abnormality in your feet and ankles are a good reason to schedule your next appointment at Grand Central Footcare. Be sure to ask Dr. Les J.Glubo and Dr. Dawn O. Figlio about any concerns you may be having about your foot health. Conveniently schedule an appointment online today or call us at (212) 697-3293.