3 Facts About The Right Fit


This spring, let’s make a deal: Find a properly-fitting pair of shoes so that your feet and ankles will feel better! Sound good? We know it sounds easier said than done, but you might be surprised at just how easy it is! Wearing appropriately fitted footwear for your feet and ankles is a guaranteed way to keep yourself safe this summer when you’re out and about. Here are three easy facts about getting the right fit:

Fact 1: Researching before you buy saves you both time and money. Before taking a trip to several different places, give them a look online first. While it’s easiest to try on a pair of shoes in a store, knowing what you’re looking for versus what a store can actually offer you is a huge time (and money) saver.

Fact 2: You’ve got to know what you need! Do you have any persistent problems with your feet? Besides checking in with your podiatrist to help manage your symptoms, keeping any persistent podiatric issues in mind when finding the right fit is key. For example, someone who has a weakened ankle would benefit from shoes that enhance ankle stability.

Fact 3: Will you be outdoors or indoors? Sitting, standing, or running? Our third fact is recognizing when and where you will be using these shoes the most. Your feet and ankles need a different kind of fit for high impact activities, like jogging, than they would for working at your desk all day. Set your feet up for success no matter where you wear your new, perfectly fitted shoes!

We hope these three facts about getting the right fit for you and your new shoes are helpful...but the most helpful fact of all is that your podiatrist is an endless bounty of advice for all your foot and ankle related questions! Give yourself a leg up when it comes to getting the right fit and call us today at (212) 697-3293 to schedule an appointment with our podiatrists Dr. Les J. Glubo or Dr. Dawn O. Figlo at Grand Central Footcare in New York City.