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Plantar warts, also known as foot warts, are highly likely to continue coming back without proper medical treatment. Leading podiatrists Les J. Glubo, DPM, FACFAS, Dawn Olsen Figlo, DPM, and their team at Grand Central Foot Care offer some of the most effective wart solutions available. If you’re in the middle of a wart outbreak, or if warts just keep coming back no matter what you do, schedule an appointment at the practice’s New York City office near Midtown East and Murray Hill. Book online or over the phone.

Warts Q & A

Why do I have plantar warts?

Plantar warts (foot warts) are caused by a viral infection from the human papillomavirus, or HPV. If you have a strong immune system, HPV can enter your body through a small cut and you may never develop warts. Other times, the viral infection can take over and lead to abnormal, painful warts.

Your chances of developing plantar warts increase due to:

  • Getting a pedicure at a salon that has contaminated equipment

  • Walking barefoot on a contaminated surface, such as a communal shower

  • Sharing socks or shoes with another person who has the infection

  • Regularly having sweaty feet, or wearing damp socks or shoes

While plantar warts can affect anyone of any age, they most commonly occur in children and teenagers. Plus, if you had them once, you have a higher likelihood of developing warts again.

What are the symptoms of foot warts?

Foot warts are highly visible. What makes them particularly distinctive is that they generally have black pinpoint centers, indicating a blood vessel clot inside. You can develop one wart or a cluster of warts during an outbreak. In any case, warts can lead to:

  • Foot pain or tenderness
  • Hard, thickened calluses
  • Fleshy, rough, grainy lesions

Plantar warts aren’t generally anything to worry about or any sort of medical concern. But because they can continue coming back if you don’t get proper treatment and can lead to discomfort, head to Grand Central Foot Care if you suspect you have a wart outbreak.

How are foot warts treated?

The team at Grand Central Foot Care offers some of the most effective plantar wart solutions available, so you can get relief and start feeling confident about your feet again. Your personalized foot wart treatment plan can include:

  • Cryotherapy or freezing treatments
  • Topical or oral antiviral medications
  • In-office laser wart therapy
  • Clinical-grade topical salicylic acid solutions
  • Aseptic debridement (removing damaged skin)

For stubborn warts or warts that continue coming back, you may need minor surgery. This procedure, known as electrodesiccation and curettage, involves numbing your treatment area and destroying the warts with an electric needle. Because the podiatry team at Grand Central Foot Care has so many foot wart solutions, you can get the care you need right away.

Get relief from foot warts once and for all at Grand Central Foot Care. You can either click on the online scheduling feature to book your appointment or call the office directly.